draft chapters


We are also created out of a legacy of human history. We aren’t planted in a random field and harvested. We are birthed in the midst of a grand story that, if we function within the stories bounds then the story would smoothly go from beginning to end with the tense parts and the resolution parts. It would get us excited and make us never want to put the book down until we got to the end.

This is a story that we find ourselves in the middle of it. We enter through stage right and act in a play that has such glorious back story that communicates a large portion to what our characters lines could and should be. We aren’t thrown onto the stage with no knowledge.

We are created. And that truth means we have guidelines that would make us function the best and live better.


We also find ourselves created into spiritual cultures. (blahdy blahdy blah) huge spiritual warfare chapter – maybe even use poetic picture. Make this whole chapter more creative.

As a part of this too we need to take into consideration where we sit. The legacy of our family yes but even the legacy of the physical places we find ourselves.

I took a team to India once and as a very unobservant male I just told the females of our team that I understood that some women have a natural spiritual discernment that I would trust and act on if only I knew about it. And we would be walking through a market and one would whisper that she felt men watching her in a not too nice way and so me and other males would form almost a shell around them as we waited for our transport.

On a different trip we were told that the place we were entering was controlled by a spirit of fear and suicide so as a team we began to spend a whole lot more time together, to fight feelings of lonely desperation. In times of tiredness and exhaustion we needed to make sure we celebrated and prayed a whole bunch more – speaking out truth and reality and not what we thought we felt. And there were times when you could feel it heavy on you. Speak to anyone who has walked through red light districts and prisons and places where massacres have been committed. There are almost spiritual foot prints left. And we can either name them, know them and bahave out of God truth or we can walk in ignorance and be effected by historical evil and strongholds that we had nothing to do with creating.

Sins of the father can sometimes be misunderstood as undeserved curses. The naïve actions of some who ignore the truth of family rooted habitual evil end up walking in the ways of their ancestors and falling the same way. The stats of addictive behavours like alcoholism and struggles with debt, lust, divorce, gambling are overwhelmingly large fingers that point at evil being real and evil being a tight grip on those who ignore it.

But we get to choose. The alcoholics son gets to choose if he stumbles into his fathers habits as much as he gets to choose stumbling into some other habits that his father didn’t even think of.

I believe Jesus knew his legacy well. As can be seen when satan takes him away to the cliffs above Jerusalem. He knew his legacy so well that he had answers ready for the accuser. He knew the answer to ‘if you were the devil, how would you destroy your own legacy’ When we ask this question of ourselves we get to see at least a part of the enemies strategies.

When fighting a war, knowing the enemies moves makes it easy to defeat them. In chess or soccer or even poker, if you can see your opponents cards you can bluff more convincingly. You can take shots on goal so simply because you know what the goalie will do. Chess would be a snap because you wouldn’t need to see all of the possibilities, all you would need to know is how to react to the moves you are seeing play out already.

Lucifer knew only too well how pride came before a fall. He knew how powerful Christ was, because I believe he knew at least enough of Gods plans of dealing with evil that it freaked him out. He began working on christs pride because uncreatively he thought that would work. He offered the son of God a quick fix to the ensuing uncomfortable three years of His future. But because pride clouded the devils eyes he didn’t see the clear conclusion Jesus knew. To deal with evil completely, to be victorious. To win the war he had come to earth to win – it needed to be complete. With no short cuts.

We too, after knowing where we come from, how we function and what our purpose on the planet is can know what the devil is going to think is gong to destroy us, but when we act out of the truth of Gods rescue plan we can destroy the devils plans for us easily.

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