If only we were united….


your no one special. Johns son. But you’ve heard the stories. Youve listened to the old blokes tell their drunken tall tales, but part of you feels like theres some truth to it all. That god brought jericho down with musicians, and fed millions with wafer and bird. Youve even heard the history of the 400 years of slavery but most of those stories take on more of a shameful hush. As if to say… Shhhh. Dont talk about that, lets celebrate.

your friends renact the battles you never fought and now that the promise land is yours, you will never have to fight, just drink the honey oak milk.

sometimes the light skins try and play with you and your friends, and at first your parents beat them away with sticks. But since uncle ben married one of them, and they make really nice things, one of your best friends worships an idol that are getting curious about.

God had spent decades, training his people, who he rescued from slavery, into a nation. A great nation, that would settle and build the greatest empire ever seen on top of the lushest region of the entire world. The jews had it made, and it was simple, two main things.

love me and make me your king

destroy everything i tell you too and purify this land of filth and unholiness – those that seek self as opposed to perfect relationship.

he drilled them like an army, and they seemed to respond, until crunch time.

a crunch they faltered. They seemed to get a teenage-like selective hearing/ chosen deafness.

‘what did you say God? Marry the infidel?’

like a poem the people of God had a repeating stanza.

God says
get rid of all the things that will distract you from my love.

his people
ok (whilst not doing it)

God says
no im serious, you need to get rid of these things (he may have even got someone to ead the beginning of genesis again as a ‘remember this, remember the other time you didn’t ask why or obey’

his people
(clearly stop listening or speaking to god whilst ridding the land of some destractions but not all)

so then God, the ultimate redeemer, uses it to train his people in warfare.

but lets stop for a moment. Imagine the nation of israel, functioning as a whole unit under God, as opposed to tribes, unorganised, and un focused. The land would have been conquered, purified and ready to be awesomified instantly. No oppression, no war, only sweet old time kingdom of god on the earth, literally.

but instead of unity under God, it became tribal. Different tribes would disobey… allowing oppresive regimes in, to destroy the rebuilding God did to the slave mentality of the egyptian escapees.

once again, redemptive God, hand crafts ninja -like individuals that charismatically rose up from the tribal mentality and judged and guided and rescued Gods people the prove once again that God loves them and invites them into pure perfect holiness as a nation to be ambassodors of the triune God to a world who had forgotten the truth of their story.

God wanted the people out of the land and not dominated by his peoplle because his mandate for his people was not to have dominion over people, but to have dominion over the land. As the jews themselves knew only to well, to be slaves is not what humans were made for. So imagine Gods frustration when the people he made become the masters of people, the dominators. This wasnt the plan either.

so when plans change…. Fixing and reguiding to the original plan becomes priority. Looking into the future jesus as king…. Before him david as king. But the people continually chose themselves as kings or even gods.

this period of history is dark for the people of jehovah. The rollar coaster of good days of being rescued and bad days when they disobey, get over run, and oppressed and then they cry out. Why does it take being oppressed before they cry out, when god, through moses spelt out consequences and blessings multiple times through their history.

what if everyone made God their king?

Its what God is. What we were made for. To be his people and He our king.

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