To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

My brother is a genius. And one day he decided to paraphrase the psalms into his own words. I really like them. So he gave me a copy and i will be putting them up here every so often and getting others to illustrate and photograph things to go with them. I hope these creatively inspire you and excite you because we follow a good God.

Peter Randall (my brothers name)


Awesome things will invade the lives of the God copiers.
Whose minds aren’t controlled by the sounds around.
Whose steps are not shackled to a prison line leading away from God.
Whose seat isn’t placed upon the heads of the weak.

Pleasure, in fact, pure ecstasy flows as they understand God’s will.
Every moment of the day is spent thinking about it. God pervades our life.

They are like giant sky scrapers. They don’t get knocked down, and great things happen in and around them, flowing out over all the earth.

The God haters and the spiritually blind are completely different, they are like a house of cards in a hurricane, they will not stand when God approaches to create a just world. God haters are the irritant that causes him to sneeze them away.

God coaches and protects his copies, but the negatives are thrown away, for they don’t fit.

(five minute sketch by Kersti. If you are into five minute sketches, i’d love others to post up with the psalms)

More on the next page.

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