To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Oh God, who has the key to your house?
Who will get past the guards? For whom have you made up a bed in your home?
Who gets to sit by the fire and chew the fat over coffee with you?
Oh, you’ve written a CV, some things your looking for. I’ll make sure I fit.

-Walks in one direction, works for righteousness. internally honest, only speaks good of others, only does good to others, forgives people readily, and yet hates evil when he sees it. He praises people who obey God, and keeps promises, even though it hurts him. He doesn’t loan and charge interest, and shakes all bribes out of his pockets.

He who is like this will get the job, and never be shaken.

Be my safety harness for all my life, you are the only thing that holds.
I said to my copyright owner: You are the only one who rocks my boat.
Apart from you I have nothing, when I line all my stuff, and my achievements, and my friends up against you, they pale into insignificance.
I’m focused on good things, for bad people lose.

Lord, you have given me my place, and secured all I have.
Even my fences are in good places, and my land is stunning.
I will give credit to my counsellor, the God who makes sense of life.
Even on my pillow I can hear his advice.
I have set God in an important place, my right hand, so I am safe.

Therefore my heart and my tongue make it known that you’re great.
By body is well defended, because you won’t let me die.
You have set me apart to survive the grave.
You have told me all about life and death.
When I’m with you I am ecstatic, with eternal ecstasy offered as well.

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