To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Listen to me, my right request. Hear my moaning, see my tears.
Give ear to what I say but also test it for self interest.
May the only credit I ever get be from you,
May your eyes see what is right.
Though you xray my heart and make me say ahh like a dentist,
You will find nothing wrong.
I have made sure that with my mouth I haven’t sinned.
As for what others do, I don’t do it.
IÕm gentle when they are violent.
My steps have been made on the bedrock.
I call to you, because you don’t put me on hold, you have no answering machine.
Show me your love, O right handed saviour, of all the weak and willing.
Keep me close like your contact lenses, Hide me close like a wire.
Because I need to get out of here, out of danger, from the evil ones.

They close their cancerous clotted hearts to me.
They have found me, and found my weaknesses and are eager to kill me.
They are like a lion, hungry and dangerous.
Protect me. Stop them at the door. Stand and deliver me from them.
Backhand them far and wide, they whose only reward is in this life.

You are the funder of the poor, you pour super into our banks.
I want to see you, your face or your likeness. Pleeeaaassseeee.

I adore you, O God, my steroids.
The Lord is my anchor, my castle, and the lifeguard from nam.
My God, my bed, which I hide under, is safe.
My coversheet who keeps the dust off me,
My bulletproof vest who is impenetrable.
The white flag for my victory, the key to the city, the parade in my honour.
You are it my God, the place I find all the things I want.
I call upon the best ear in the business, the best lawyer I know to defend me, and be saved again from people who hate me.
Death was snapping at my heels.
Sin was clutching for my heart. (and still is)
The grave confronted me with it’s nearness, and the chains of the underworld began to wrap themselves around my legs.
At this stage who could I call but God,
I plugged in my modem, typed in and waited for the server to connect.
He heard, he saw, he moved at the request of a human. O I will worship him.

Then: Kabooom! The earth shifted up a gear, It shook as if it was crying,
The mountains shivered as if they were cold.
God was angry and getting pumped up to destroy.
Smoke poured out of his nose,
Fire flowed from his lips and set fire to safety blankets.
He lowered the heavens so he could descend gracefully to the earth on the pillow of cloud like a stately king.
His feet seemed rather black.
He was quick, riding around on his warhorse.
Clothed in darkness and the waters, raining down hailstones as big as fists.
Lightning streamed as well like a reflection of the sun on a diamond.
The sounds created were terrifying-thunder drowned out my whingeing and then more lightning and hail ensued.
Arrows and lightning spears killed my jailers.
He made a flood, and a path through the flood, showing both power and grace.
Your breathe was so powerful it send shock-waves back through the waves.
He saved me from drowning in the damage happening to others,
He took me away from the danger I faced.
They hurt me when I was down but God stayed with me.
He got me onto a plateau of safety, and saved me because he loved me.
The Lord paid back my good choices, he has examined my hands and found someone worth rewarding.
I have kept myself being good, and avoiding whatever tarnishes m___íe,
Staying out of the rain of evil, I remembered his rules, and they worked.
He sees through me and hes happy with me, my integrity paid off.

God, you show yourselves to people where they are at.
The kind see your kindness, the holy see you holy.
The transparent see you have nothing to hide,
And the corrupt think you are a conman.
You make the poor rich and the rich poor, you function like Robin Hood.
For you illuminate me, you are the neon light that I walk by, you teach me how to see the world.
By you I can win a battle, and by you I can jump over a wall. You donÕt just light me, you fire me up and explode into the world through me.

As for God, he glistens with goodness, like a fresh white towel, or a show room car, new and undented.
He is a refuge even for Afghanis that nobody else wants.
Know one else can be God, gods is an oxymoron,
No one can compete for heaviness, or strongness.
He is like a plate holding my limbs together,
As if my bones were strengthened by titanium.
He keeps me within the boat, between the curbs and tells me not to stick my arms out the window.
He is to me like wall climbing boots, keeping my feet secure.
He trains my hands finger by finger to do war,
Your right hand gives me power, your gentleness makes me great-
A balanced fighter instead of an oaf.
You upsize my shoe size and give me more grip for the slippery slope.
I chased down my enemies, and mowed into them. (in love of course.)
They were in pieces, begging for mercy.
Because you are unstoppable, on my own I would have lost.
Then my enemies cried to you, they at last cried to you but you didn’t answer.
Does this mean that behaviour of people sometimes prompts you to ignore them.
I beat the snot out of them, until they lay like the sewerage tipped on the street.

You have made me who I am, placed strangers under my feet.
Everyone fears me because of my connection to you. It’s cool.

You are a living God, you are so alive. I will bless him, my rock.
The God who passes judgement to be merciful to me.
The God who keeps me out of reach of the ones trying to tear me down.
Therefore I will wallow in praise and thanks for you.
God who treats kings really well,
Shows bulk-loads of love to his chosen leader,
To me and my kids forever. Amazing.

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