To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

I hope God answer your ad, your request for help.
I hope he is your guard day and night.
I hope he steps out of his sun-room and comes to your aid,
I hope he comes down from his mountain.
I hope he remembers your sacrifices and enjoys you.
I hope he gives you every thing that you want.
I hope he gives you victory in every role you play.
I hope we can be there when you complete your ultimate victory.
I hope we can go off, with banners praising God and trumpets making a noise.
I hope God gives you everything on your wish list, unlike that no-hoper: Santa.

I know this: that God saves the people who has challenged to follow him.
I know this: that God answers from above and pours a heap on us.
Some go on about their horses, and some go on about their fine chariots, but when IÕm boasting about awesome possessions I have, or great achievements I have done, only one name comes to mind, and that is the name of the lord God. Other crap is just crap, but God is completely quality, lacking in crap. On him, I will take my stand.

God, please save our king. Listen when we ask you for things.

God, I rejoice in your power.
I often find my happiness in your ability, instead of mine.
You have given me the things I should want, and given me nothing surplus to requirements.
You have chosen the best things to give me, nothing second hand, or cheap.
You have given me the best hat to wear, and made me a king.
I asked for life, but you gave me quality and quantity, more than I could think.
I have been given glory of my own through the awesome things that you have done for me.
You have loaded me with good characteristics, things for me to take into the after life. You bring me joy, just by showing up in my life.

The king who works in the strength of the creator wont be moved. As long as the link is there, the ability and influence will remain.

Your hand will xray and melt the people who come against you, even those who hate you who treat you badly. You will be on them like a magnifying glass on an ant, when you come to clean this house.

God will engulf wrongness in an instant because of righteous anger.
They will be no more of them, not even a whisper. Know one will remember.
They may have the upper hand at the moment, plotting and scheming, but they will lose swimmingly.
You, O God will chase them away, firing a gun into the air and seeing them leave in a trail of dust.

Rise, O God, the one we fear. Show them your power, and we will sing of it to any one who will listen.

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