To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Psalm xxiii.
You are my avatar, the top of the range, and never beaten.
You guide me on the web of life, to the information that gives life.
You show me the most awesome sites, those that move, those that change.
You keep viruses out of my system and ads from defiling my monitor.
You refill what the world has sucked out of me, by taking me to the right places.
You keep me out of porn sites and things that will compromise my faith.
Even when IÕm stuck with a slow modem, and the pictures are taking forever,
And even when my hard drive crashes, and my fanbelt is smoking,
You ring me to make sure I know you are still listening.
I fear no dodgy technicians because you are indestructible.
You get me into the premiere chat rooms,
Amongst the best hackers who can not touch me.
You have upgraded me from within, and given me a name better than “Gates”.
Surely mp3’s, and free games, and quality net access will follow me always.
And I will be connected to you and will down load from you all the days of my life.

This universe, it’s house and contents are owned by God,
Even the people who act like they own the place.
For he built it on the water, he brought it out of the deep.
Who can climb up the escalator to God’s place?
Who can get close enough to touch him?
He who has spotless hands, and a clean heart.
Who doesn’t worship himself, or lie through his teeth.
He will win God’s lotto and receive every cent.
God will give him a promotion to the head of the human race.
Such is the reward of the Gen God, those who worship unceasingly.
Hey, city gates, hurry up and open so that the king of all the world may enter.
Who is this king of glory? The Lord, full of steroids and unstoppable.
The king of war, no one has found his weakness.
Hey, city, make way for the king. He’s coming. Let him in.
Who is he? This shiny king? The lord who is the most mighty.
He is the king of glory.

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