To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

I bank on you.
All my gambles in life are on you.
I lean on you so much I am off balance.
Do not step away and let me fall.
Do not let me lose to my enemies.
Please come through for me.
No one who gambles on God loses,
And with him, the odds never change.
The people who gamble on other stuff,
Are bankrupted and end their days crying.

Can I play follow the leader with you in front?
Lead me up the garden path.
Give me truth glasses, and homework.
You are the one who rescues me from mistake after mistake,
And I will keep coming back to you forever.

God, I’d like you to repeat yourself, the acts of love,
Displayed through history, keep it up.
Please don’t replay my acts of un-love. Forget my dumbness.
I am banking on your goodness.

You are the defender of righteousness.
You rebuke the unrighteous and slap them into shape.
You re-design the humble like play dough into a work of art.
All the ways of God involve free give-aways, and eternal warranties.
Only for those who spend big and keep their promises.

So more people are attracted to you, please forgive me.
What sets apart someone who fears the Lord?
It must be that they take their calls from above.
They spend their days receiving, and never being empty.
Their children’s children will have a good land.

The Lord lets people whose jaws drop in on the big secret.
He invites them into an agreement where everyone benefits.
I have eyes only for God, for only he can spring me from the traps.

Turn to me and carry me for I am lonely and surrounded by bad stuff.
I worry over so much because so much is going wrong.
Please take over, soothe my worries, but also get me out of here.
Look at me, as no one else can and take away both:
The result of my sin and my desire to commit it.

See how my problems have increased, and how they hate me more.
Put a wall around me, and a bridge over troubled waters.
I want to hide with you, because you are the most reliable one I know.
I hope that doing the right thing is enough to protect me.
I need you to stand between me and them. I lean on you.

Help us find a getaway, or even a gateway out of here.

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