To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

I want you to take note of my victory. For I have stopped playing the game.
I have trusted in you for some time now, and I don’t trust myself.
Put me through some thing that will test my character, anything.
Test both my heart and mind. For your love is infinite, and if I ask to be tested, your not going to be a jerk and treat me like crap. I trust that this is so.

I am not going to waste my time kicking back with rambling fools,
I wont listen to people who walk and talk two different messages.
IÕm not going to be in a peer group with corrupt people.

I wash my hands so they are spotless.
I come to where you said you would be.
I sing the language of thanks. The slang I learn daily.
I bust out story time, and everyone is listening.
I love your house, I like what you’ve done with the floor plan.
I can see you there, with nothing else to distract me.
You wash over me, taking me out of reality for a moment.

Don’t let me die like evil doers.
Don’t let me suffer in the jail of sin I didn’t commit.
Their hands are always taking bribes, mine aren’t.
I do what is right. I’ve chosen your ways, so save me.
Not because of my goodness, but because of your mercy.
I have taken a stand, I cannot do anything else.
Even if I’m the last one standing, I will praise you in public.

The Lord lets me see danger, and he protects me from danger.
So what can touch me?
The Lord is my safety rope, so why should I shiver?

When bad stuff happens to me, be it temptation, tickets, taxes, or people thinking I am an idiot, it will come to an end.
Even if far worse things happen, like a plane crashing into my house and burning my book collection, which is uninsured-even then my heart will know no fear.
At the depth of life, I will be sure.

One thing I ask, just one thing-maybe he’ll hand it over.
There’s one thing I want for Christmas, I want to live with God forever.
I want a place near him. I want to see how flawless he is and stare open mouthed at him for all eternity. I want to think of him as well, and it will be less distracting the closer I am to him.

That’s where I’ll be safe when dumb stuff happens-locked inside God’s hurricane shelter. He will hide me there as long as I need, and only let me out when it’s safe. He will put me so far out of reach that I’ll be able to feel safe. He is the security expert. Why am I not hiding with him now?

Then, because IÕm so far above my problems, in God’s world, I will hold my head up high. I will be unbowed by pressure. Then worship will be far more powerful. I will offer the life that used to be crushed, and the resources that used to be wasted. I am going to sing and shout and write music for God, because he’s been my hidey hole.

Listen to my whining, O Lord. Be good to me and answer me.
I’ve heard your invitation to come and talk.
I’ve sent back the RSVP and I’m coming.
Please show yourself. Don’t hide.
Don’t stay mad at me, not while I need your help. You have always helped.
Don’t leave me now, not now, this is the worst time. You’re the God who saves.
Even if my parents left me in a basket outside some abortion clinic,
My God would hold me close.

Give me a life tutorial,
Lead me so I have a BA in honesty.
Because my enemies think I’m underqualified and fake.
Let me never fall before them, because they’re all talk.

I am confident that I will see God and the experience will change my life.
It will happen while I am alive.
Wait for ages for God. Allow him to put you on hold, or maybe even hold music.
Be gutsy and heroic, and keep watching. He’s out there and he’s on his way.

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