To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Hey Angels, bust out some honour to God.
He is so mighty, he has a well-respected name, and his holiness is stunning.
So lets give God a “Hell Yeah,” and much applause.
The voice of God drowns out the ocean.
The God who designed noise rattles doors, and shakes little kids.
The tsunami waves sneak around the world trying to be quiet next to God.
When God speaks the biggest trees snap like toothpicks. What presence!!
He turns the mighty Kauri trees into wood chips in an instant.
He makes Everest wobble like jelly, and Kosciosko take up sprinting.
The voice of God pierces into us like lightning, with a crack.
The sand in the deserts tries to hide when God is in the house.
Even the Sahara. It tries not to provoke his speech.
The voice of God rips the bark off the amazon rainforest, and twists trees 90 deg.
In his church, after the creation shuts up, people scream about how good he is.

God makes his throne above the floodwaters, chaos for people, a bath for God.
The Lord is king forever, nothing will dethrone him.
God shares some of his strength with his people. He makes them solid.
He also gives them peace. When you are at peace with God, it’s easier.

I will hand over my life, because you handed it to me.
You didn’t let my enemies win.
Oh my God, I screamed for help and you came and gave me medicine.
You raised me from the dead, from near death and from a fatal disease.
You set a safety net over every hole I might fall in.
Everyone who loves God, sing loud, sing proud. Praise his holy name.
He’s mad for a minute, but he’ll love you long time.
We might cry all night on our pillows, but in the morning we’ll be laughing.

When I was wealthy, I said: IÕm unstoppable!
When you were pouring life into me, I was so secure.
When you turned away, I fell in a heap, an insecure mess.
I cried out to you O Lord. I begged for a handout, some help.
These were some of my “pity me” statements.
What will you profit if I die God? If I start rotting?
Can my dead carcass praise you?
Can my bones sing of how you never fail?
I’m worth more to you alive than dead.
So save me, and save yourself-you’ll have a happy camper.

You have got me high when I was low,
You’ve taken my mourning clothes-the blacks, greys and purples.
And dressed me in reds and blues and greens-glad rags.
So now I sing praises to you, I tell you how great you are.
I can’t be silent because you are so good.
Oh Lord, I will thank you forever and ever and ever.

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