To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Why do so many people spend so much time trying to discount you?
It doesn’t work very well.

The rulers and the ruled both look to throw off your rules as if they can do it better.

You laugh. You see them trying to escape your rule and undermine your command, and you laugh at them. Then the laughter will turn to anger, not crazy anger, but the worst sort-deserved anger.

They will shake, because it will dawn on them that the real king is seated and itÕs not them.

I will tell everybody what I know: He said to me that I was his son, that I was born of the most high God. He offered me the universe as a birthday present to rule forever, he will include all the earth, not just the junky bits.

Those who wont bow before the real king will bow out of existence.

Listen up everyone, If you think youÕre a king be royally smart. Even if you have a crown on your head, keep it close to GodÕs feet as you kiss them, bow, scrap, dirty your apron, anything to be in the right position-awe.

If you try to stare him eye to eye, a move above your station, you will be removed from his sight-for he has no equals, or living opponents.___ñ

If you decide to rely on him, instead of ruling over him, you wont find the far reaches of blessedness in this life time, though it will seem like you have.

O God in heaven, my enemies are many: There is insecurity, lust, arrogance. People-wise, there are people I dislike but nobody who seeks my life. Satan seeks my soul and I allow him safe passage through the boundaries of my heart.

Nobody has really tried to convince me of your absence, but there stands millions who live like you aren’t there, and that is pretty discouraging.

You God are the best protection,-my missile shield from temptation, and the one that picks me up when I’m on the bottom. When I cry to you-there are times I cry because I need your attention-you are right here, my call reaches the depths of your house unlike most doorbells.

When I sleep, I fear nothing because I am wrapped up and protected by God. I wake and God refreshes my body. He is so personal and so powerful, I am not scared if large groups try and shake my faith or body.

Stand and deliver me God. Seated, I know your power, but please stand and clear the ring of the people who don’t believe it. Slap their faces and break their jaws, I want revenge against them.

My personal prayer is that you send the evil parts of me skittling. I am sick of being tied down to two masters when everything in me cries out to serve you. I will not be schizophrenic. I will Satan dead. I need your power in my life.

Every rescue, even from the worst situations is custom made for you only.
I hope everyone realises how good you are at release and live excited, and energised lives.

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