To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Be responsive to my voice-I dare to ask. Your track record leads me to believe that there is room in your appointment book for me. I hurt. I need you. Please hear me out and do something about it.

Hey everyone, why are you such rats? I’m getting a name for being a rat because of you. How long will you enjoy speaking drivel, and run after deception?

But know that God isn’t dumb-he has his eyes on the faithful. God hears me, even if none of you guys do.
When you are worried about who God is and what he does, don’t sin-put a stop to wrongdoing please. Take some time to think, lie down, and stare at the ceiling and figure it out. Then live a life to please God, risk everything on your relationship with God-throw yourself into his arms.

There are a lot of people who want to see God-they expect you to light up their lives. I feel so stoked with you, that I’m more happy than when the people around me are getting drunk. You mean more to me than liquor and food mean to them.

I will lie and sleep in peace, because you take away the blaring noise, the clamouring of questions but also the silence of unthinking people. You give me peace. Knowledge of truth and love helps me sleep. Good night.

New Storms for Older Lovers (LIVE) 7/15/09 from La Dispute on Vimeo.

Hear me O God, pay attention to me. Listen to the moans and groans that occasionally escape my lips. Listen when I need rescue, mr ruler-the one I most respect, for if you don’t, no-one will.
As the dawn breaks, when my voice joins it, you hear, in the morning I lay my petitions at your feet, hoping they will meet with your approval.

You are a God who is allergic to evil, in fact evil is allergic to you as well.
Those who are up themselves sit quickly when you’re in the house.
You, being the God of love hate, detest and feel nauseous around the corruption that is sin.

You destroy liars, those who misuse their tongues and misuse their friendships.
People who just don’t care about others, with actions and words are on God’s unwish list.

But I, being a murderer, a liar, and a worker of evil, will get to be near you.

DEAR, God! How do you do it? How do u remain just when I am unjust. How do you remain merciful, when I don’t deserve it.

You have let me live. I will respect you. I will lie upon my face for an age. Lead me Lord in the path of holiness. Reflect through me your glory. Make holiness easy for me, through my enemies who ar___©e not holy.

They cant be trusted. They loop their language and hate from their heart.
Their throat stinks like rotting flesh, their tongue corrodes other people.
Take them out now. Let their lies trap them into death. Cast them out into eternal wilderness because they have chosen their destination by their behaviour.

God, uphold the people who place you number one. Fill us with joy for ever. Protect us, with armour and other stuff, so that we can spend our lives enjoying you. You protect the righteous with a shield. Thank you God.

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