To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

O master, the powerful one. To your place I have run when I’m in trouble.
Keep those chasing me from getting to me. Or he will grab me and drag me away because no-one else will stop him.

If I have done what he said I did, If I’m guilty as charged,
If I have repaid friendship with hatred, or if I’ve ripped him off needlessly,
Let him have me, let him torture me and mistreat me, let him hurt me deeply, even to killing my soul, my emotions and everything. Let him snuff out the light of my life, letting everyone know what a rat I am.

Stand up O warrior, and stay mad. Fight my enemies fire with your fire, and get excited for my cause. You must judge them.

Let all the people on earth put you in the middle, and you return to be the God of all the earth, the title that has been stripped from you by evil unbelieving reprobates.

Let me go, for my goodness is great, my rightness lets me live. Make everyone know it. Let the evil suffer a downfall, but strengthen me and people like me who cling to your ways. Because you judge the heart, and have found a lot of hearts come up short.

God is protection, a shield of titanium.
God is the honourable judge and heÕs in the building-Everyone stand. He has a gavel and heÕs not afraid to use it, yes even today.

If someone doesnÕt bow before him he will polish his gun, prepare his weapons of judgement so they are quick. He makes arrows that blaze-bringing in the thought of eternal fire.
The wicked man gets ready to defend, he conceives more lies, he dug a hole for God and fell into it, his mischief backfired and violence will crash in on him, not on others as he thought.

I will give thanks to GOD because of his rightness, to let me live and to punish the wicked. I will sing songs to praise God and remember him forever.

(not sure what this video is about but the song is grood)

O King, the king of all, especially my life. How your name reverberates throughout the earth. It bounces off everything and echoes throughout space. You have set the unimaginable goodness you possess above the heavens we see during the day. Out of the mouths of babies and the weak you can defend yourself against enemies, to shut your enemies up.

When I stare open-mouthed at the sky which you formed much like playdough in the skies, the moon and stars that you have started, what on earth were you thinking when you started caring for people. You are so big and we’re so small, and you think us important enough to think about?

You have designed us with a greater purpose than the plants, a little lower than you, we’re almost kings!!! You have given us power over things we don’t have the power to create, the things you made before us. All animals have been handed on leashes to us people. We are amazed at what you have gifted to us.

O King, the king of all, especially my life. How your name reverberates throughout the earth. It bounces off everything and echoes through space.

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