To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

I will list off the myriad of things you have injected into my life.
I will do it from my inward parts, and not just off the top of my head.
I will gossip to all and sundry of the great things you do.
In places that are near to you I will happy, I WILL NAME DROP YOUR NAME
And only your name because you stand when others kneel.
When all the barriers fell, it was you who made them fall.
You have kept my head above water and brought me to the surface.
You sit and judge and give out the right orders, not like the OJ case, you hear the poor and rich alike. You gather all the evidence.

You’ve devastated all evil, because people who practice evil are all dying.
No-one can remember the evil doers who once boasted so loudly.
The cities of your enemies are six feet under, their amusements parks burnt and quarantined. Nobody can remember their names for they’re of no value now.

In the midst of chaotic dirt piles, there lives a throne, which is polished and on it sits the king of the universe, in a spotless robe, with eyes undimmed by time looking lovingly on all creation. He judges rightly because he judges out of pure love, and righteousness. He keeps it all fair, no sexism, racism, or any ism.

The Lord is a fortress, an unbreakable hole for the oppressed to crawl into. He’s the final resting place when all the others have been seized. When trouble comes, go there quickly.

Those who know you, (not just knowing about you) put there whole livelihood in your hands, because you have the only 100 and 0 track record. When others have lost, you have always won.

This, then is a command-sing your hearts out to the lord who dwells in shininess, don’t skimp on the joy, and don’t hold back your enthusiasm when open ears are near you-spew the news of God’s power and justice. For the payback artist is mindful of everyone, he canÕt ignore the mistreatment of anyone. In fact, if you’re mistreating anyone, WATCH OUT.

Be gracious to me God, see the things I suffer. Please notice, because you alone can. You are the one that leads me out of my self made coffin into the parade, so that I may receive the prize of life anew and sing to my hearts content for you. Your rescue fills me with joy.

What goes around comes around, thatÕs why the rebels are getting killed, because their violence returns on their heads, their own traps spring on their feet.
The Lord has made himself known, he has judged, but it looks to me like they have got themselves tangled by themselves. But with God, things are ___Ænot as they appear.

All who forget God will die.
The poor will not be trodden on forever, because the hope of the needy will never rest, or give up.

Rise up Lord, if I dare command you, DonÕt let people boss you around, or win any arguments. Judge and judge now, everyone. (Including me?)
Make em shake, soften them up for eternity.
Reveal to them how weak they are how human they are, how little like GodÕs they are.

(Quite a contrast to my previous prayer eh God?)

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