To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

Psalm x.
Why are you hanging back far away? Why haven’t you joined the fray? Why cant I see you when I need to see you? Why does my faith in you fluctuate?
Bad people are out to get the sufferers. Let their shoelaces be tied so they fall over themselves. Please make it happen.

For so many people think they’re so good, and so many people sling off at you.
All the nations seem to be on a path away from you, they expect no God to show.
They’re doing so well. Their shares go up, their cars ge___Ùt cleaner and their houses get bigger. He is unstoppable and he can’t see you. He mocks opponents for they fall before him consistently.

He thinks to himself and blabs to all who will listen. I am invincible, I can’t be stopped, I’m like a run away train. Like the guy on Titanic: he swears-not even God himself could sink this ship. Forevermore, I will not fail.

He curses, he is full of hot air, he is corrupt, his mouth has gotten him where he is today. He hides away in the meeting places, and in his penthouses where no-one can see him. In board rooms, he decides to hurt the already suffering, he watches like an eagle for the injured, who he can profit off. And no one can touch him because: Him with the gold, makes the rules.

He is like a stalking lion, like a striking cobra, just waiting for weakness, for an Achilles heel to show-even in his friends, and then he strikes, piling the wealth into his cupboards, restricting others from living their best. As he seems unstoppable, he again boasts: God has forgotten, heÕs inept and impotent, and even if he wanted to he couldn’t take me on.

God, the most electrifying person in the universe, shut him up. IÕm sick of hearing his drivel. Stand and deliver me God, donÕt forget all the people that he has stepped on to get to the top. Level the playing field, and level his empire.

Why do people ignore you? They must think theyÕll get away with everything.
But you have watched and filed their actions away for later.
The damage theyÕve done to your children will cause you to act, and thatÕs bad.

Snap their bodies, take them out, sieve their hearts and lives for evil and donÕt stop until itÕs all gone.

The real king, not the arrogant puppets who use God given abilities to gain power over other dirt conglomerates lasts forever. Nations will fall before he does, so this guy wont last. Lord, you have heard us, we need you to be merciful right now. You will strengthen our hearts and hear our next requ___Ýests.

With this end, to get revenge for the treatment of the fatherless, and so a mere mortal will no longer cause terror, because real terror is only caused by a real God.

Psalm xi.
God is my cubbyhouse, the place I go to hide from everything.
How can you tell me: Run like a scared mouse back to it’s hole?
For look, we are surrounded by killers. They have guns trained on us, and dogs ready to eat up the scraps. They hide in the shadows and hit from behind.
When the base is crumbling, what can the righteous do? (Good question.)

The high and holy master of the universe in his holy temple, where noise wouldn’t dare go, and neither would corrupt people. Our lord is placed as C.E.O. of the universe, on the throne that commands the most respect.
He watches everyday life through a magnifying glass, giving us his attention, and also noting the good and the bad.
He sees good hearted people and loves them, but is revolted by the wicked. The people who are violent, he finds hard to take.

On the wicked he will pour a sheet of lava, an eternal tanning bed will be their lot, but hotter. For the Lord is right, he loves justice and the just will see him.

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