To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.


911 911, Is anyone out there.
There are no good people in the whole world, the lights are going out, the food is going bland. No-one seems to take goodness seriously.
They talk lies to each other, trying to use each other, while being two faced.
May God amputate their tongues, and cut of their lips.
For they think their mouths make them champions,
They think what they say makes them gods.

Because of the damaged people of the world, those who have had their hearts broken by the slamming lyrics of the proud, and because the trodden on have used their mouths to incite me to action. I’ll clean this house up. I’ll protect the underdog, and de-sex the rest. I’ll create a haven for people whose lips are a haven for others.

My word!! In fact all my words (IT’S GOD) are pure as the driven snow.
You O master will protect them, you will save them from the others forever.
The wicked can strut at the moment because evil has become an art form.

Are we there yet? Why aren’t you listening, honestly, you feel so far off sometimes. (Maybe it’s me who is far off.)
How long will this continue, it’s like you’re on holidays from helping.
How long will the only counsel I have be from within, where’s the external advice? How long will my tears only be outnumbered by my unanswered prayers? How long will all my problems be big and my solutions be tiny?

Consider me, and let me know what’s going on? Give me some hope or I will die. I don’t want my enemies to triumph over me. They will laugh at me if I lose.

I have based everything on your enduring care.
My heart has rejoiced in your rescue of me.
I will sing to the Lord because in the past he did great things for me.

(This has the message: when the going gets tough, remember when it wasn’t, and hold out for the future-cool idea.)

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