To Pluck: The Psalms in other Words.

The absolute Moron, who is on drugs and standing on his head says: “There is no God.” They are corrupt in the head-there is something wrong, and it flows into their behaviour which is ungodly as well.
Not one of them does good.
The Lord has peered through the clouds looking, hoping for someone good, a single person who is looking up, peering through the clouds, looking for God.

He doesn’t find one, surprised? You’ve seen the fruits of this world, we’ve sown no God, and reaped, no God. Everyone is trying to make a life for themselves and failing every time.

Do all the ungodly people know,
Those who treat people like coke cans-to be consumed.
Those who forget to chat with the creator.
They’ll get really scared now, because God is with the good generation, the ages who are worshipping. The try hard gods will be trying to put God lovers in their place, but the God lovers will find protection behind God, the big kahuna.
Oh that that salvation would hurry.
When the Lord restores us to our former selves.
We’ll all party, and the happiness will never end.

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