What is liberal? – Reading.

I was asked the other day “You call yourself liberal, but what does that mean?” A loaded question if ever there was one. This is the kind of question that either begins an amazing back and forth of disagreement or reloading weaponry to be about to completely discount anything else said. The kind of question […]

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Transitional Withdraw

For 19 years I lived in the same house, with the same people (minus siblings who slowly moved away) and with largely similar life rhythms, in similar cultural circles. I then lived a further 5 years in that city, 4 in another city in Australia, after which I left. For 7 years I have mostly […]

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The last seven years of my life have been lived outside of the usual security of most people. I have no degree. I have no mortgage. I have lived outside of my home country for three years. etc etc blah blah. And I had convinced myself that I had found a way to find security […]

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I used to work in an open plan office. for three hours in the morning I would drink tea/ coffee, answer emails, ring people internationally on the telephone, Facebook future students and occasionally have meetings. To stay awake and alert I decided to start a competition with our directors PA Jess to see how much […]

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There was a period of my life wherein I was doing shift work, playing in a few bands, trying to be involved in a youth ministry, dating a girl on the other side of the city and living in a very social house. I am not a great sleeper at the best times but, sometimes […]

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Fourteen minutes to write about love.

When you look at any version of human history, and there are plenty of legitimately viable ones out there, you see at its basis – relationship. Hunter-gatherers would usually hunt either in groups or with a collective of historical wisdom derived from multiple hunts by multiple individuals who then pooled their knowledge. Relationship bred children […]

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How we met.

As a part of series made up of memories incomplete. The story of two friends and their journeys through the streets. Together created love, honoured young and old and plenty their ways may have separated, but this story’s beloved of many. The day we actually met blurs together with many other days. Like looking out […]

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