The Wind

For me, the difference between a beautiful winter day and hating everything and everyone is a wind that chills to the bone. I grew up in one of the colder parts of Australia (North Europeans read “A lovely summer vacation spot”) and would describe myself more of a lover of cold and not hot. But, […]

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The two beds.

I think I want to start blogging again. To help and force me to process things that I have ignored for so long. I hope to use a narrative of a man in a house with a bed. I hope that others respond to my process as that’s how I learn, but, I also learn […]

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The hill

If faith is a hill, then knowing exactly what is the “truth” and building a wall around that hill. and defending that hill with weapons. how many people can join us on that hill?  if faith is that hill, but we dont build a wall around it and we yell at people to come to […]

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Esther Two

After big strong angry king, stops being so angry – and wondering if he was less drunk – he decides to choose another queen. So he sends out young dudes that stand around him occasionally, (either in fear or jealousy or both) to find young virgins and then soak them in moisturiser and make up […]

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Advent 1: The father.

The father, with his strong hands, and adventurous journey in the shoe he wears has that look. The one he gives you when he is disappointed. That look can stop us in our tracks. But he also has that other look. Silent. World changing. The one that tells you and everyone watching “thats my son, […]

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Source Sorting

In amongst the brown cheese and the ‘at first’ unfriendliness the Norwegian language has already taught me a lot of cool things, mainly because an Australian explained concepts in the Norwegian way last week. When recycling in my old house in Canberra there were two bins, the paper, glass and plastic yellow topped bin, and […]

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Rocks in the soil.

Walking out to a field in his backyard I was shown rabbits, a chicken house, a greenhouse (šiltnamis -warm house), a seat for watching the sunset (which we did whilst it rained later that day) and stretching out almost as far as the eye could see, was wheat. In between it all was a strawberry patch […]

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Wow. way too relaxed with my america trip stories. oh well. This is probably one of the better parts. Check here for disclaimers. So, my first couch surfing experience. I worked into (lets call him) Logans house. He lived in a bedroom in a house of 6 bedrooms and most of his house mates he […]

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Intro, disclaimers etc Here Ryan dropped me at a train station on the edge of the LA metro and i had many hours to get to the LA greyhound station for my bus north, so i thought i would go exploring a bit and see if i could surprise one of my friends, though i […]

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it makes a little sense

i have been in america for a little over a week and it makes so much more sense being here with the people that i have done life with for so long. The independence. The passion. The guns. The strange politics. The amendments. I have had conversations with one of my best friends as we […]

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