Purple skinnys and proving my manliness.

Today was a strange day filled with… memories. Both ones I remembered and will remember because it was such a good day. Like a lot of good days I woke up at 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I listened to a book and then… slowly got out of bed to make coffee […]

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A man at the door.

The kingdom of heaven is an old man who opens the door for you and asks you how you are going. He walks around the house offering lolly pops and if you are in his inner circle of friends you get chocolate or change for the washing machines. If you pursue friendship with him you […]

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What do you know of anything?

Sometimes it just hurts. Sometimes it just hurts so much that you can’t do anything other than hurt. I don’t have much memory of being in such pain. I know i have experienced it but most of it has been forgotten. Replaced by stories told by my parents of being burned or bitten or broken […]

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Never trust your tools.

The age old saying of ‘a workman never blames his tools’ I was once in Ukraine helping put together a little house for a friends camp for orphans. I had never really done anything like it before. Four men were letting us help. I had hammered in a few nails when I made a huge […]

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Prayer was all over today. I met a lot of people Including a conversation starting with “so you like Books?” We wrote a song. I cut a lot of onions. I lost a lot of ping pong. I made some laugh. I made some not cry. And some stared at my beard. I didn’t read much. […]

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The disciples didn’t try.

Reading through the Gospel of Mark this week I was struck by the amount of moments Jesus expects the disciples to do something incredible, then, when they don’t, he does it. The storm when they were in the boat. Jesus falls asleep. Then, when his followers don’t twig to their authority, he wakes up, nonchalantly […]

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Sent. Prepare. Proclaim.

Jesus was sent by the father. He was prepared. He would then prepare the listener – healing, exorcism, providing food. Then he would proclaim the good news. “If you want change. If you crave a better life. Do it. Change. Turn around. Be different. And believe that I exist. Because as I showed you, I have […]

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