Wow. way too relaxed with my america trip stories. oh well. This is probably one of the better parts. Check here for disclaimers. So, my first couch surfing experience. I worked into (lets call him) Logans house. He lived in a bedroom in a house of 6 bedrooms and most of his house mates he […]

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Intro, disclaimers etc Here Ryan dropped me at a train station on the edge of the LA metro and i had many hours to get to the LA greyhound station for my bus north, so i thought i would go exploring a bit and see if i could surprise one of my friends, though i […]

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it makes a little sense

i have been in america for a little over a week and it makes so much more sense being here with the people that i have done life with for so long. The independence. The passion. The guns. The strange politics. The amendments. I have had conversations with one of my best friends as we […]

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The level playing field.

Over the last few months as I listen to podcasts and youtube clips of politicians and communicators talk about racism and shootings and abuse in jails, the term ‘level playing field’ sometimes gets thrown about. That idea that, equality, is either, when everyone starts with a level playing field, or, some fairy-land ideal that ignores […]

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You take one breath. But that’s not enough. To stay alive you need to take another breath. and another, and another, until the repetitive in and out either makes you feel insane or you forget about it. It becomes second nature. You get thirsty, you drink. You get hungry, you eat. You get tired, you […]

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