Compass, and the line of relationship.

If compassion is the line that connects us to others, then, some of my lines are very weak. Invisible, unfeeling, unbuilt. And even the thicker lines don’t often engage my sense of feeling. But my sense of logic is quickly engaged. Calwell, circa 2005. I’m working the late shift in a petrol station and in […]

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IKEA changes lives.

For the last year I have regularly made large meals to feed me most of a week every week. These meals usually include peeling a good amount of vegetables, or buckets of apples to stew for breakfasts. All of this peeling was made with one of the least practical peelers ever, because I kept forgetting that […]

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Those that don’t fit the mold.

You know the kid. The one giggling in the back. The ‘stupid’ one. The bully. The attention seeker. Yeah. Usually he is the smartest person in the room. His brain works faster, solves problems better, would learn languages quicker than the smart asian girl in the front. He would run better businesses than the nerdy […]

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Babies should name everyone.

My day with children, dogs and hooligans. So I woke to an invitation to a dogs 1st birthday party, had lunch with 10 people and then headed out to my friends house to hang out with him and his two hilarious daughters. (although one was supposed to be asleep…. she ended up running around and […]

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Shooting God in the Face.

You step up to the marker. You have done this many times before, but all of the past attempts are forgotten. All that is left is you, your bow, your arrow, and the target. In other imagination lands you might have a gun or a spear or an axe… the idea being you have something […]

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Trinity Favourites.

Its been a while since I had a good rant about the trinity. Traditionally, the trinity symbol is a triune shape of similar proportions that speaks of each member of the trinity being the same, just pointing in a different direction. I find that all to be false. I feel like the triune symbol should […]

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You are not the problem.

So we ventured around this giant kitchen, ‘learning’ how to do everything and the amazing dutch kitchen manager, in his blunt dutch way explained something huge. – When I see something wrong I will point it out very bluntly, I’m not making a personal attack, you are not the problem, the problem is the problem […]

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