You are not the problem.

So we ventured around this giant kitchen, ‘learning’ how to do everything and the amazing dutch kitchen manager, in his blunt dutch way explained something huge. – When I see something wrong I will point it out very bluntly, I’m not making a personal attack, you are not the problem, the problem is the problem […]

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Ideas. People. Change.

I sit here, and in my hands I have all the wisdom of the world in my pocket. With my phone, I can bake a cake, start a business, fix a car, learn a language, get a degree, start a political campaign…. And I know this because I am connected and I have seen it […]

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We never feared anything.

Recently I sat next to an older lady and talked about her life and her family, and what had changed since she moved for the first time in 56 years. I ask her if Melbourne had changed much through the years and she answered me in a way i was not expecting. She started weaving […]

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Pauline Salvation

  I have never clearly communicated the gospel to a single person and walked away thinking I did enough, until yesterday. Like i’ve communicated it on a stage and through blogs to hundreds of people at a time, but never face to face with another human, to the extent i wanted. I took Dean up […]

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Stumbling Blindly Through

Improvisation is the art of being able to make something out of your collective experience in the face of direct or indirect stimulus for a certain outcome. Sometimes we improvise in a jazz band to create something beautiful with a set group of people in a set space for a set audience. Sometimes we improvise […]

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The smart city.

When you read the more famous dystopian novels, you get a dirty sense of being watched, of being spied upon, of being judged. Every little movement you make is being processed and synthesized by human or computer generated eyes, to see what must be done with you. Like a rat on a wheel, or a […]

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Radical repentance.

Radical repentance looks like this. Stopping dead in your tracks and letting conviction flood deeply through all you are. Anguish takes a hold of your rebellion and turns any pride into humility, as we stare directly into Gods holiness. Then we open our hearts ears and our physical mouths and confess bluntly and completely. Not […]

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