Sacred Spaces

We are given the authority to label things. Then we live with the consequences. As I sat in a building purpose built for worship, I watched as at least a hundred people walked in, crossed them selves, knelt, and labelled that space as sacred. The same naming has been done by thousands of people for […]

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Tour diaries one. 

Writing from the back of a car sailing through the night of South Central Sweden, returning west from a Camp on the east coast I can’t sleep even though I haven’t slept properly in days. I share the car with three incredible individuals and have attempted a lullaby care of La Disputes newer album. I […]

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Where to go….

Every moment could count. Every step can get us closer to our goals or further away from our dreams. I spent 9 months in the early 2000’s playing a computer game constantly. i am not dissing computer games, but during that time my guitar skills got slower, my reading speed got less comprehensive, i wasn’t […]

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…our desire for rock stardom.

The times  have watched someone skilled, talented and influential not only not see their own potential, but get oddly comfortable with lives empty of dreams are uncountable. But the only thing holding us back from our ideas changing our world is usually just us. The reason we don’t become rock stars is because we never played […]

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The desert to paradise.

In a desert where there is no water, one will always be drawn to a pool of water, an oasis, even if it’s a mirage. Even if we kinda think its a mirage, we will still head towards it because we are convinced its better than the desert. What if we chose to be in […]

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making babies.

I love babies. I love families. I love the idea and the practice of changing the world for the better. One of the cool things about families is, it’s a restart. Its new. It recreates culture and tradition and thinking. Families train us to think and feel and interact. And, as happens, we get trained […]

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