making babies.

I love babies. I love families. I love the idea and the practice of changing the world for the better. One of the cool things about families is, it’s a restart. Its new. It recreates culture and tradition and thinking. Families train us to think and feel and interact. And, as happens, we get trained […]

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Names because of Pain

I don’t like the sea. I swap between labeling my feelings as dislike, hatred and fear. I feel this way because my relationship with the ocean hasn’t had a great history. I grew up inland, I went in the sea maybe once a year, and most of the time it didn’t go great. I don’t […]

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Kingdom Tourists i: Jazzcore

What kind of music do you like? – I asked a generic kid. I like most music, i like everything except rap and country – He or she answered. I’m fascinated by music, why people love certain styles, and why people hate certain styles, and the common thread it seems, are the most culturally deep. […]

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Creative Composed Camera-people

Playing in a myriad of bands – styles, make ups, personalities, goals etc etc – allows you see different facets of people. Different insecurities come to the surface as you take to a stage in front of people, or create whilst your friends and heroes are watching. As we learn our instruments and craft everything […]

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The blue print the map

Every good house has a blueprint. Before the builders even begin. A solid, determined shape is planned. As the house is built, problems arise and the master builder must improvise and rewrite the plans. But, if he’s a good builder, the  will end up being just as solid as planned. The builder needs a blueprint, skills, leadership and […]

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Worship as a lifestyle.

Ok so lets take a knight in a kings court. Now this man has most definitely trained most of his life to be good with a sword, a horse, a fist, most probably he is quite good at drinking and wooing and farting and all those other manly exploits that gets you respect. But also […]

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The worst Laksa Ever.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 27 And in amongst an unexpected, almost fail of a day i decided to go get my favourite meal, down the road from my favourite book shop. I walked in, and decided to get a combination laksa. I was getting quite excited because hot laksa burn sickness right out […]

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We Catch Love.

We were worshipping in a park. And as i looked up into the trees i saw little hands in the branches grabbing at the sky. And behind them were the heaviest rain clouds i had ever seen.  This is us. God wants to rain down on us. And we need to catch his love. More […]

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