Canvas 20 – Listening.

A week ago someone gave me a vision that included me ripping up a canvas and showing others how to create better in weird ways. and she also gave me proverbs 20:1-20. So i think i’ll think out loud about it. So here goes. As a 19 year old i held up a flag of […]

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Worship with Your Body

Have you ever stood statue-still in the midst of worship, singing songs you don’t understand in a tone of voice that borders on complete boredom, whilst your heart is angry and your brain is busy trying to figure out how to most convincingly call in sick tomorrow so you can go to the coast with […]

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[STATE!!!] meNT

I wrote this almost 9 months ago. I want to use it to illustrate something. “We lit matches and threw them to the meticulously built piles of sticks in the corner. We would start again. Rebuild in human bricks, “like it was supposed to be.” (the tshirt we all wore underneath our blacks) But first […]

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Worth Ship

If we stand in worship, singing songs by ourselves, to God, whilst standing next to brothers and sisters, why not stand with instruments in our hands? Why not have the chords and music up on the projector for us to play along with? Why is vocals relegated to the honour spot? What would worship be […]

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Love. Teach. Empower

the kingdom of God is like the best teacher in the world, who could find a job anywhere, anytime, anyone – in fact could have been a doctor. But decides to teach the lower level classes. This teacher is an incredible teacher, who gets excited when their students go up a level and understand everything […]

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An internal Metronome.

So I’m sitting on a stage, behind a drum kit. My stomach has just gone nuts because it was denied BBQ, and the water i drank to try and soothe it is not working. I’m wearing an amazing green hat from an old room mate, and what i have a feeling is a woman’s shirt […]

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Inter Praise.

The Kingdom of God is like a boat that doesn’t sail. On the boat are 100 people, all from different nations and cultures. Speaking different languages, wearing different clothes. But singing the same song. Praying the same prayers. Loving and serving We went on outreach to Kyiv, Ukraine. And were told that the base […]

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