Religion as an echo chamber

Whenever belief or “truth” is found by a group of people and labelled as “I have it… all… and no one else does” we wander into the interesting space of familiar elitism. Especially in the Judeo-Christian world where one worships a God who knows all and cannot fully be grasped by the human mind so […]

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A side track to an early morning blog about “gender” ( Found here. ) Lets imagine for a minute, that when a baby is born, it is put in a colourless sack. And for ten years it gets to wear white, grey or black. It has a neutral name, like… Yurtl. It is biologically a certain […]

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The chocolate river

A man builds a house next to a river. Its a beautiful house and a beautiful river. The water is fresh and cold. The sun is warm. The trees are perfect for sitting in and reading. The man loves drinking from the river. It keeps him well hydrated. He eats fish from it. He sails […]

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Culture change.

Context. It’s the from AND the to AND the always.   What changed in the tattooing world in the last 4000 years? What changed in the fashion world in the last 100? What has changed in communication in the last 6 months?   well… the answer to most of those questions starts with the “where?” […]

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Today I spent two and a half hours walking around my neighbourhood with two dutch men and dutch baby boy. We spoke of many things. They are both amazing people on amazing adventures with cool families. When we returned from our walks i sat with one of the men and his wife and we were […]

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Why I could be racist.

I played hockey from before I was 11 till i was 18. In Australia, hockey is played largely on grass and basketball courts. The ball is hard and the sticks are wood with a short curved end. You cannot use the back of your stick. You cannot use your feet other than transport. If the […]

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