Today I spent two and a half hours walking around my neighbourhood with two dutch men and dutch baby boy. We spoke of many things. They are both amazing people on amazing adventures with cool families. When we returned from our walks i sat with one of the men and his wife and we were […]

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Why I could be racist.

I played hockey from before I was 11 till i was 18. In Australia, hockey is played largely on grass and basketball courts. The ball is hard and the sticks are wood with a short curved end. You cannot use the back of your stick. You cannot use your feet other than transport. If the […]

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Cross Cultural Malfunction.

Over the years, I have made some interesting cross cultural mistakes, and therefore sometimes freeze up when I don’t know what I am supposed to do without offending people. It happened again on friday night. We were playing indoor hockey (innebundy) and I accidentally tripped a girl over. And my thought process went spastic. If […]

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The bucket Game and our future.

Swedish people speak better English than many native English speakers. This is an interesting phenomena when you speak to large crowds and crack a joke through a translator. You get a large laugh, and then a less big laugh. HAHA. double laughs. Last night I had the honour of sharing at a youth group. We […]

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The colour of boys and girls.

There is a difference between being a man, and masculinity. There is also a difference between what a culture has concluded and the truth. I could have a son. Fully man. In all biological ways. And he could be almost completely feminine. He could wear pink, and be sexually attracted to men, and still be […]

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Bored and Free

If you are getting chased down the street by gun toting extremists, hell bent on destroying you because of what you believe. The belief structures your life adheres to are sharply and quickly focused. They have to be. You can’t really um and ah with a bullet seconds away from entering your bodice. The church […]

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