Tonight I hung out with three fabulous individuals. One I know and love. One I only knew through text, but I knew he was lovely. And the other I met this evening. We all met in a venue I love, owned and run by a man who knows my name. I love familiarity. The last […]

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The plight of the privileged.

One of those moments you hashtag “1stworldproblems” and then cringe at your own insensitivity. I’ve spent the last two days meeting with colleagues, creating beautiful things for beautiful times, and in the down times I’ve been exploring the streets of the town I’m currently in through the eyes of two mobile phone/ GPS games. Ingress (a giant […]

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Why are we friends?

My good friend Jonathan is sleeping on my floor. He is from Sweden. He is from an island and loves the sea. I hate the ocean. I grew up inland in the mountains and currently live in a similarly inland city without mountains. He is kind of a jock. In the sense that he loves […]

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Roses are red.

written a few weeks ago. Posted because I like reality too. “Roses are red, Violets are blue. I miss just hanging out with you. Also, if roses were blue too, that would be pretty great. Because blue is awesome.” In the midst of an incredibly extroverted life that has enjoyed immensely the adventurous life i […]

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God is home.

up until this week there was one thing that could instantly transform me into a blubbering crying mess. Scenes in movies with Dads and sons reuniting. BOOM instant crying. Not that I have had one of these moments with my own Dad. I love my Dad and have always thought he was great, but, maybe […]

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The love we are painted by.

You know what grieves me to my core? Like, deeply grieves me? And has done for most of my life because I’ve seen it up close, I’ve seen it destroy peoples lives. People that i love intimately…. The division of Christians around the world makes me want to vomit. And i’m not talking about an […]

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