We were given freedom.

We were given freedom to free, but we used it to imprison the masses, the opiate of the common people so the uncommon could oppress at will. We were given freedom to free, to be flexible, to be grey, to be cultural and colourful, but we used it to carbon copy the white mans religious […]

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Church is so good.

I love walking into church and being greeted by a friendly old woman who knows how you make one comfortable, knows how to direct traffic, knows how to introduce you to the right people, and know how to crack a hilarious joke at the right time. I love being at church and hearing something new […]

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family conversation

A¬†weekend a little over a month ago was amazing. All of my family was there. My nephew, my niece, brothers, sisters, parents, and pets. The last time we will be together for two years. And it was funny watching us all tell stories, ask questions, giggle, snack, and retreat into occasional moments of introversion. I […]

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As I fly away from my home country for a planned two years I have returned to thinking about what home is. Since December last year I have been technically homeless, staying with my parents a few weeks, in South Africa a few weeks, London, Amsterdam etc Then I was in Sweden for three months, […]

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We are not for the church.

The idea that the God of this world. The creator of mountains and oceans and pine trees and all the freaky critters that David Attenborough narrates in those amazing documentaries. The inventor of lightening and wind and fire. The poet that strung together hearts with emotion and passion. The idea that the eternal invisible maker […]

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Share it!

I walked into a room of under 18 year olds. They were bouncing off the walls energetic and as I ascended the stage there came a strangely peaceful quiet. I sat on a chair and started to eat from a bag of lollies. It was a large trash can of sweets. Of candies. Of chocolate. […]

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