Pulling faces at God. 

You know the face. Eyes closed, hands raised, sometimes our bodies start to weave back and forth a little. Maybe a little jumping. looking upwards. You don’t really think about what a crowd of worshippers looks like until you play a song with four chords that you know back to front and you look up. […]

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When two become one.

Last night I watched the first two episodes of “Marry, at first sight” (although in Swedish it’s something different…). It was in Swedish with Swedish subtitles, so i would have to occasionally ask what certain words were, and sometimes my brain was so flummoxed by this language I do not have a great hold on, and […]

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We were given freedom.

We were given freedom to free, but we used it to imprison the masses, the opiate of the common people so the uncommon could oppress at will. We were given freedom to free, to be flexible, to be grey, to be cultural and colourful, but we used it to carbon copy the white mans religious […]

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Church is so good.

I love walking into church and being greeted by a friendly old woman who knows how you make one comfortable, knows how to direct traffic, knows how to introduce you to the right people, and know how to crack a hilarious joke at the right time. I love being at church and hearing something new […]

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