Trips and Children

ok so for the last month i have been on outreach through latvia and lithuania with families, and without a keyboard, so i have been reposting some blogs i have recently written and now i have a keyboard to type on and so this will be interesting. but here is some things i have learned […]

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Today in Lithuania was International Women’s Day. A celebration I have never been apart of. But it made me want to sit down and think about all the women that I love and respect and miss. I’m from a family of six. Three boys. Three girls. My mother taught me about theatrics. How being a […]

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My familial bubble. 

We all find ourselves in bubbles. These bubbles are good most of the time. They keep us safe, they keep us collected and understood. They give us meaning, they give us foundation to grow and risk and attempt things. Our first bubble is usually our family. I was born into a family of five that […]

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