the rooms of the houses

I grew up sharing a room with my brother. He had the top bunk. Which meant, sometimes weights would fall from the sky, punk music was played, wrestling moves were practiced, lego was built, books were read, hair colours changed, fashion tips were shared through observation and then he moved out when I was 12. […]

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Pappa, Pappa, Pappa

This morning I woke up and sat by myself for a few minutes before three beautiful families joined me in the dining room for breakfast. There were moments of hilarity, moments of rebellion and moments of cute sibling teamwork, but one moment stands out to me most mornings, and that is the incessant calling for […]

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Old People Are the Best.

Old people are the best. And it’s funny that as you grow up, you see old people in different ways. and the standard of “old” changes. I remember being 12 and my nana must have almost been in her late 70’s and she was old. But she was so old that she didn’t even measure […]

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Support Families.

My parents celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary this year. They are still very much in love. They have brought up 4 very socially aware, intelligent, good looking children who – may still not know how to dress for the occasion, but all have started wearing shoes more appropriately. Our family is great to hang out […]

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I like being son / brother.

I am a son. As so as I enter my parents house, I stop being a 29 year old, experienced musician, trainer, photographer, adventurer and become their third child. I get fussed over. I get shown the snack cupboard. I get to use their car. My mother makes sure I have a clean towel, and […]

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