The foot of God

We don’t get to make up God. We don’t get to redraw him. We don’t get to dress him up in different clothes. We don’t get to look at only his foot and say “woah… he must look weird”. But, as limited created figures in this reality, our revelation of the creator is flawed. Our […]

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The deathman and his gift.

The king of death tried to give to man what he had tried to take himself. Divinity and eternity without the capacity of sacrificing everything for the good of the whole. The king of death – referred to as “deathman” from here on in, the anti hero of our meta story, is said to have […]

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Where’s God?

a few days ago I was about to get into a car with a friends family and his son emerged from the car almost in tears, in Latvian he was freaking out because his dad wasn’t in the car. His dad quickly figured out the situation and brought the child into the car he was […]

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A magpie stabbed my eye.

A magpie is a black and white bird. In Australia during spring and their mating season, magpies are very protective of their trees. If you casually walk past the tree within 100m (300ft) they swoop you with their sharpened beaks. The only defence is staring at them or drawing a face on the back of […]

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terrified but trusting.

Tonight some interesting things happened. I walked into a large gathering of Christians and sat a few rows from the front and instantly got annoyed as the light show kept flashing at me. I don’t understand light shows at the best of times. (Yes, i prefer hardcore punk show lit by two bed table lamps) […]

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When we know better than God.

Jesus is sitting on the mountain crying out to God, he doesn’t really look forward to the cross, he’s not the biggest fan of pain or ridicule or, for that matter, injustice and just imagine that moment of clarity. ‘Actually father, I know a better way than you do. I’m just going to fly over […]

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