When we know better.

Jesus is sitting on the mountain crying out to God, he doesn’t really look forward to the cross, he’s not the biggest fan of pain or ridicule or, for that matter, injustice and just imagine that moment of clarity. ‘Actually father, I know a better way than you do. I’m just going to fly over […]

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Eden Citizenship

“How much closer can you belong somewhere than in family adoption?” I want to broaden this a whole bunch more, to almost epic proportions. The people i work with have this awesome almost motto to how we do youth work. and it flies in the face of how most organisations seem to want to work. […]

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We live in Eden.

  I sat at the breakfast table… I think I was in year ten. February. 7th. In front of me was a woman who had become a good friend. Her older body had been wrecked over and over by cancer the last couple of years, and there were days where she didn’t make it to […]

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The Robotic Bride of Christ

The best looking person in the room is a woman wearing a pink pullover. She must be at least mid to late forties. And shes surfing the net on what looks like a black berry. She has lines on her face that speak of concern and intelligence and deep thought. But they aren’t bold lines, […]

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Building Roads

I could say many things. I was born in adverse circumstances – i.e I pooped in the womb (being “distressed”) and entered the world with the umbilical chord around my neck. Luckily I was a red-head so all the nurses wanted to steal me. During the next 3 years, my parents report (because i can’t […]

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