Rubix Cube

we are like a broken rubix cube. On a petrol pump in the middle of a big city. Forgotten. Some of our squares have been pulled out. Someone tried to cheat with by changing the stickers, to try and win. But we weren’t designed to win. We were designed to exercise minds. To get better, faster, more […]

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He was one of those people i instantly liked. Cheeky but caring smile. A voice that made for laughing and sharing insight. We stood together while he handed out pamphlets and got talking. We ended up talking a lot and sat down after awhile and completely forgot about the leaflets. He had an amazingly large […]

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Hearts that are offended.

Theres a part of the Asterix comics where the town chief is bedridden in a large amount of pain when people poke him in the belly. A gag revolves around a myriad of the townsfolk coming to visit and poking him, on purpose or sometimes accidentally, including the tiny Dogmatix. Its kinda funny because of […]

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A bridge and a cape.

Yesterday we helped build a bridge. we collected rocks and busted them into smaller ones. We helped carry cement. Chatted to the locals, laughed, drank good tea, carried more rocks, and watched as a whole community of dudes helped each other build a bridge that would enable them to drive, to get the rubbish collected, […]

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