The Hospital and Uterus.

We sit in the waiting room as if we are hurting or dying or diseased. We act more like a fire hazard for the actual patients. The nurses and doctors are pulling double and triple shifts to try and get through us all, they can almost see a man bleeding, but its gong to take […]

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The kingdom of heaven is like… Mr M. Who wrote in beautiful coloured calligraphy, 50 name tags for the doors of young men and women learning more about Jesus in community. These same men and women whose lives have been inspired to love deeper and do family better by this man and his family. Mr […]

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You can’t, but you have to.

“The pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true,” – Daniel Okrent In reading, thinking and watching and hearing a lot of different perspectives and conclusions about the politics of recent times, I came to a place where I sms’d my best friend: “Yep, a tension. Between left and right, freedom and […]

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worship Robots.

Gods presence is sweet. So sweet that it clothed Adam and Eve, it heals the cripple, it convicts the sinner, it overwhelms the grieving with comfort, it redeems cultures and builds the kingdom of life. So what issues in the presence? Obedience – the simple saying yes to God, the walking where he wants, the […]

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In Eden, We are eclectic.

Sitting down to read through some of my journal from January this year when i flew into Cambodia. And then i opened up my new journal and i had already written something in the front. “In Eden, We are eclectic” We are ultimately free. Inside. But for some reason, we decide to be boring, unexciting […]

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The Cult of Perfection.

I think i was 18, drunk on the gospel. Excited by life and people. I wanted to get more people to know Jesus so i wanted to create a larger belonging. A space in our church building. and why not do that in a gig setting? Why not get a whole bunch of bands to […]

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Imagine if we never judged.

Walking up the dark stairs, not really knowing what i was walking into, the thought occurred to me, a closed-for-the-day pub is a perfect third place to start a church. Its not church, its not someone’s home, but it’s focused, its on purpose. I arrived at the top of the stairs without a friend in […]

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