A tree. A mystery.

A tree. Has roots, branches, a crown, leaves, sometimes fruits, birds that nest and bark. Lets say that you are the leaf which is almost at the top, on a long branch, amongst į0 other leaves. You can see most of the way down to the ground, you can see all the detail on each […]

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du är stark

Its called innabundy. Its a swedish version of indoor hockey with a few different rules and we play it every Monday and Friday nights. The players range from 19 year old bible students, to mid thirty year old parents from Australia, Cameroon, Sweden, Germany, South Korea etc etc. We are all super different, but all […]

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Trust falls.

Ask twenty people what they think of trust falls and you get many different answers. Some love trust falls, they understand that such an activity can bring a group of strangers together really quickly, but others realise that, this sort of trust is only fake and very fleeting, knowing real life-changing trust comes from experience […]

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Rel 1.2

So I’m laying on my wooden slat bed with a mat on top. Next to me sleeps a beautifully hilarious swiss man, who, luckily, I haven’t punched in my sleep yet. Surrounding the room are multi-coloured mosquito nets that make the room look like a fairy tale land. They contain our other 7 team mates. […]

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Sk8 For Lyf

‘Guy’ is friendly, and hilarious and very hospitable. Like a lot of teen skaters, he is fearless but he is set apart by his smile. It’s as if he’s your Dad and when smiles everything is made right. We met up and sat around for a bit just chatting about the week and some tricks […]

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Van full of unprofessional soccer players rush towards a game. Late already the van runs out of gas on a hill and the team and cheer squad have to return down the hill to refuel. Making it to the match just two minutes in, the players are a little confused but also a little more […]

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