I walked into a group of strangers and started playing games. We had had a few conversations beforehand, enough that I could gauge some personalities through broken English (my Lithuanian is still gutless) but… I was running on mostly body language. Now, I’m extremely competitive at the best of times, But in this game, I was […]

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The pin board of Atheist mistruths.

Conscience and worldview are interesting things that can be retrained. For definition sake, because both are defined multiple ways, when I say conscience I mean the pin board we hang our values on. We can retrain the pin board to hold different values but its pretty tough, and world view is our presuppositions about the world and the […]

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Romeo is Banished.

So yesterday I spent all day in bed in a haze of fever and ache. Not enough brain space to use the day for any purpose, not enough exhaustion to spend the day sleeping, so i watched most of baz luhrmans version of Romeo + Juliet. One of my favourite movies of all time. Made […]

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Safe and Sound

A man would train his son to take care of the farm, his family and his friends. His farm was needed to feed and keep one alive. His family were those that he loved the most – these he was to protect and keep safe by providing for them – food, warmth, a wall around […]

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The lenses we see.

If we read the bible through certain lenses, it colours it in a more helpful way. God is….. If we find that God is just a lump of wood that talks not, creates not, has power not and can be set on fire and done away with, we will behave in a certain way towards […]

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Does God like you

He had to be at least 55, maybe even 65. Sitting next to him was his rather small oriental wife. She didn’t say much. Without really asking what was thought about before he entered the room, he launched into a pre-prepared rant, pamphlets included and thus began a one hour conversation, that didn’t seem to […]

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