What is why?

Today I was reading through a short course in resilience as the snow quickly fell from the sky and then stopped and it asked me to clarify my “why.” In former times this was an easy answer. It was always connected to people, and love and creating life and more life. But currently, as I […]

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Yesterday I went mushrooming for the first time in my life. I love mushrooms. I also really like the people I go fishing and berry picking with. They are funny, and interesting and have been seasonally collecting things their whole lives. Its the end of the season of mushrooming, so, going into it, I think […]

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The boat.

Sometimes I think Christian community should be more like a boat. You get on a boat because of where it is going. But it takes a while. And you don’t get to choose who else gets on the boat. And, to get the boat to where you want it, you have to row, or steer, […]

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Paper, Logic, Plans

On paper, in logic, and by the initial plans, the cow should have been bought. The milk sold at market. And the grand kids poured out like a waterfall on a strange drought stricken land. And as one begins running a weird marathon, lead by the voices in ones head, the cow, the milk, the […]

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The tension. A

My whole life and your life too has been filled with tension. From birth until the age of 12 I shared a room with my brother. We wrestled, we read books, we played lego, but mostly our room was for sleeping. For a few years, a shared a room with one of my best friends luke. […]

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Boy walks into a room he has known well but hasn’t visited in a while and makes everyone laugh. Its odd. Because he’s tried that joke in other rooms and it didn’t go down so well. Boy very easily walks the line between offence and polite observation and again… laughter. Odd. Walking down the street […]

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Condemned to die.

Most of us fear death, but know that it will happen. Most of us hope that death will come swiftly in the night, or with enough warning that we can farewell our loved ones. Joshua knew he would probably die a very painful death. He had been with his friends when the police came and […]

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The giant road trip.

part three of Jeremy’s american adventure. see link for disclaimers and intro’s. So, I sat in a busy cafe for two hours, journalling, listening to podcasts. Drinking an OK coffee. and in walks Ryan. Now, for those of you who do not know Ryan. I like describing him thus: His brain works 4 times faster than mine. […]

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The land of the free 1b.

Part two. see part one for disclaimer. LINK Bussing into Charleston, West Virginia it was dark and late and I was about to be picked up by two of my favourite people in the world, Justin, and the groom. Last time I had seen Justin on this continent was Canada day 5 years previous, and […]

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