The giant road trip.

part three of Jeremy’s american adventure. see link for disclaimers and intro’s. So, I sat in a busy cafe for two hours, journalling, listening to podcasts. Drinking an OK coffee. and in walks Ryan. Now, for those of you who do not know Ryan. I like describing him thus: His brain works 4 times faster than mine. […]

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The land of the free 1b.

Part two. see part one for disclaimer. LINK Bussing into Charleston, West Virginia it was dark and late and I was about to be picked up by two of my favourite people in the world, Justin, and the groom. Last time I had seen Justin on this continent was Canada day 5 years previous, and […]

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The land of the free. 1a

Honestly, I just want to write down my trip to America for selfish reasons, but maybe my process will entertain or help others process their own current journeys, and therefore I will make mine public. Disclaimer: my journey to America included choices and thoughts that YOU would not have or do. That’s because they weren’t your […]

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Start with Nihilism.

Thanks to a podcast and the pilot episode of my favourite comic brought to television I have been reminded of one of the bigger reasons I am in Lithuania, on the other side of the world from my hometown. The hopelessness of my teenage years. At a very early age, I came to the conclusion […]

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A kind man

I grew up with a dad who wasn’t super into cars, but I somehow came to the conclusion that I would become a mechanic. As dad championed my dreams he talked about my desires with some friends and I was invited over to an ex-mechanics house to help fix the brakes on his car. This […]

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