art amnesia. 

i have been waiting for a long time for a good kanye west album. the last two, in my opinion, have been rubbish, so as i got the imessage from a good friend that his new one had come out… i lowered my expectations hard. kanye is one of those artists that split opinion with […]

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that triumphant ‘i told you so’. after being pushed to the edge of society, John got to see the visions become real. As the man walked into their lives he came with a back story.Before jesus was 3 he became a third culture kid. jewish parents, refugees in egypt for a few years to protect […]

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This is NOT a shotgun.

For so much of my life I have lived life as a shotgun. Loads of bits and pieces flying unaimed towards nothing in particular. Loud. Rough. Odd.  killing anything, just leaving the deer to slowly bleed out… and no one has time for that. It could’ve just been my exhausted insomnia-ridden early 20’s, but as […]

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I turned 15

Fifteen years ago today, my faith in an invisible God came to a place where I decided to mark myself as a follower of His by getting dunked in a freezing cold river in a dark forest outside of Canberra. I remember afterwards sitting in the loungeroom feeling very strange. A mixture of euphoria and […]

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What is happening?

So, honestly my life has been strange for three months and I have gotten a lot of “so… where are you?” or.. different versions of such. So i thought I would just simply dot point where I am and what I’m doing for all those wondering. I currently reside in Vilnius, Lithuania (North of Poland, […]

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New year. 

Let’s do this quick because I’m on my phone and my feet smell.  When God created the world, afterward he stopped, looked at it, and said “daaang… That’s dope”. Or in his holy language “I love dis yo”.  He reviewed, reflected and went forwards.  In two days we as a people get to do similar […]

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