Is Nameless.

That which is concrete must be protected and kept. Maintained. Repainted. To keep face, and name. That which moves, or stays silent, is forever changing, forever fluid, forever unassailable, for what would one assail? If God is nameless, an inconclusive name cannot be the reason for war. If God is faceless, then one cannot murder […]

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The Giant.

He was just doing his normal job, on a normal day. He had heard of angels, of the ominous meetings with them and their kind. He never really wanted to experience it, but, he did have some questions that may be answered by such a meeting. Lighting candle after candle he began to get a […]

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Dear twenty year old me. 

I turned thirty this week and I thought about what I would tell my twenty year old self, because this decade has been incredible. My twenty year old self had moved out of home into a group house called the house of love. I had gotten a job at a petrol station. I was playing […]

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A forest

So you get flown in by sweet helicopter and left on the side of a forest and told – “Enjoy, just don’t cut anything down” The insane beauty of the place makes you question why anyone in their right mind would cut anything down in this place. That question grows louder as you walk through […]

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We are cups.

We are all cups. Made for holding. made for serving. Made for enjoying, made for transporting. We are all cups to be filled to overflow into other cups, filling the other cups to overflow. But as cups we have chips and cracks and shatters and stains and missing handles. sometimes we are left in the […]

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A ranting satisfying day. 

It’s days like yesterday that fill me with a sense of satisfaction. A feeling of complete. Not perfection, but like a perfect meal. Full, happy and a little sleepy.  I woke up, ate a beloved breakfast and sat in a cafe to write and think and get pictures for the day. Met up with some […]

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Cities refresh me. After almost nine months living on farms or almost farms every moment spent in a city is glorious. As soon as I set foot in Oslo yesterday I was at peace. Walking through a museum and a gallery excited me, visiting some old friends was so fun and flying to Vilnius with […]

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The mud we can’t see.

Today I spent multiple hours less than a foot away from the foundations of a building that some of my friends live in. My job was to angle grind tar off the foundations to let the foundations breathe as a part of putting in a new drainage system. I was covered head to toe to […]

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To be called a butterfly…

In class this week we had lectures on hearing the voice of God. and in part of it we were asked to ask God who he thought we were. an exercise i have done once or twice.. probably not often enough, but… as I asked I heard simply “a butterfly” instantly my mind went into […]

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