To be called a butterfly…

In class this week we had lectures on hearing the voice of God. and in part of it we were asked to ask God who he thought we were. an exercise i have done once or twice.. probably not often enough, but… as I asked I heard simply “a butterfly” instantly my mind went into […]

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so many questions.

You know you may need to ask some more questions when you go to take a shower and you aren’t sure whether you lock the door or not, or if you are using the temperature tap right because it won’t get warm, or maybe the heating isn’t on. And if you put the toilet paper […]

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Roadside cute. 

I sat on the roadside for two hours. If I was wise I would’ve worn gloves and tights but… Who is wise??? I mean really?? Who thinks twelve hours ahead. So I’m sitting there watching Lithuanians and Germans and Russians and etcs walk past.  This is a nation of cute lovers. Every couple I have […]

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Red ink and solid feet. 

Sometimes I stand in the middle of a road and wonder why I get to live the life I live. There are better travellers. There are more accomplished linguists and learners. There are more bold friend makers. But. Amongst my moments of muddled headed shyness today I learned a lot about this country. I was […]

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2 capitals.

I love travelling. I love falling asleep in the middle of reading a book while the plane takes off and freaking out when it leaves the ground only to realise I had fallen asleep. I love when strange babies stop crying because it looks at me and then starts to grab for me. That awkward […]

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If “spiritual warfare” and “prophetic action” really work, why aren’t we all hugging Muslims? If God has predestined child abuse, for no reason, he kind of sucks? If the best kind of community is found in the midst of the tension of many thoughts and many ideas, why are our countries largely led by idiots […]

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Talking Teams

We walked the streets of Amsterdam without a plan, without a concern in the world. Some of us just wanted a good coffee or beer or muffin. Some wanted to see the city we had always heard of but never seen with our eyes, never walked on our own feet, never smelled the wafting of […]

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Being wrong sucks.

Today I had an amazing conversation with a powerful woman and during part of it I made a mistake in how I said something and she humbly called me out on it. And that feeling started creeping down my back. In my social skill set I have been known to be quite good at “BS-ing” […]

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