The chocolate river

A man builds a house next to a river. Its a beautiful house and a beautiful river. The water is fresh and cold. The sun is warm. The trees are perfect for sitting in and reading. The man loves drinking from the river. It keeps him well hydrated. He eats fish from it. He sails […]

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Condemned to die.

Most of us fear death, but know that it will happen. Most of us hope that death will come swiftly in the night, or with enough warning that we can farewell our loved ones. Joshua knew he would probably die a very painful death. He had been with his friends when the police came and […]

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Today in Lithuania was International Women’s Day. A celebration I have never been apart of. But it made me want to sit down and think about all the women that I love and respect and miss. I’m from a family of six. Three boys. Three girls. My mother taught me about theatrics. How being a […]

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IKEA changes lives.

For the last year I have regularly made large meals to feed me most of a week every week. These meals usually include peeling a good amount of vegetables, or buckets of apples to stew for breakfasts. All of this peeling was made with one of the least practical peelers ever, because I kept forgetting that […]

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The last seven years of my life have been lived outside of the usual security of most people. I have no degree. I have no mortgage. I have lived outside of my home country for three years. etc etc blah blah. And I had convinced myself that I had found a way to find security […]

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I used to work in an open plan office. for three hours in the morning I would drink tea/ coffee, answer emails, ring people internationally on the telephone, Facebook future students and occasionally have meetings. To stay awake and alert I decided to start a competition with our directors PA Jess to see how much […]

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