As the rain softly falls on the church building outside my window, and out in the distance a plane lands, my ears ring. Both because of years of loud music and podcasts streamed directly into my ears, but also because, this room is quiet. No netflix, not radio blaring downstairs to get over the old […]

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Esther Two

After big strong angry king, stops being so angry – and wondering if he was less drunk – he decides to choose another queen. So he sends out young dudes that stand around him occasionally, (either in fear or jealousy or both) to find young virgins and then soak them in moisturiser and make up […]

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Esther 1

After taking the mantle of a giant kingdom, and defending its borders from some intensely aggressive neighbours, of course you want to celebrate. Celebrate your power. Celebrate your great leadership, your wealth and the amount of people that call you majestic. Of course you are high on pride and riches. But most probably suspicious of […]

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The foot of God

We don’t get to make up God. We don’t get to redraw him. We don’t get to dress him up in different clothes. We don’t get to look at only his foot and say “woah… he must look weird”. But, as limited created figures in this reality, our revelation of the creator is flawed. Our […]

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The reaction of man.

There are ones amongst mankind that enjoy rebelling, reacting  and retaining some semblance of balance to social norms. As a teen I coloured my hair all the colours you can think of because could and because i watched my brother do similar, and I assume I just wanted to be different. To react to normalcy. […]

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Advent 1: The father.

The father, with his strong hands, and adventurous journey in the shoe he wears has that look. The one he gives you when he is disappointed. That look can stop us in our tracks. But he also has that other look. Silent. World changing. The one that tells you and everyone watching “thats my son, […]

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