The lenses we see.

If we read the bible through certain lenses, it colours it in a more helpful way. God is….. If we find that God is just a lump of wood that talks not, creates not, has power not and can be set on fire and done away with, we will behave in a certain way towards […]

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Our God is NOT a book.

One of the best sermons I’ve ever heard a relation of mine speak, was also one of the last ones he preached. He projected a picture of a rose on to a wall. It was an alright rose. But he made the point that an actual rose, the smell, the colour, the texture, the living plant…. was […]

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Our definitions are dumb.

I have read some pretty stupid stuff in the last hour. And it seems to mainly have to do with how we define certain words. I have read radically differing definitions of the following words from multiple representatives of many different groups: Love – Apparently it is either being nice to people, or not being nice to […]

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