If we were only taught to think.

To an extent, I was taught to think. Dad would read to us from proverbs at breakfast and discuss them with us. Mum would sit on my bed and chat through what was happening in life and why it would be wise to think through certain other options. Back then it seemed unfair. I just […]

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Catalyst Redeemers.

We are the catalyst redeemers. We aren’t the redeemers, as we are broken and sinful. We are the catalysts, the space makers, the co creators, the lynch pins that Jseus partners with to bring redemption to all. Justice, perfectly melded with Mercy is redemption. We are the catalyst redeemers, the captain planet of Mercy and […]

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My Dad.

I love my Dad so much. He just emailed me this, and his simple way of explaining the epic depth of human community is awesome. “A child was not very connected in school and when they started a drawing exercise she got involved.  The surprised teacher walked by. T “what are you drawing?” C “I […]

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God learns.

The man sitting next to me has been an integral part of my life for three years. He is beautiful, strong, gentle, passionate, convicted and intelligent. I have never seen him get violent outside of wrestling his larger brother. I have never seen him raise his voice. But if he stood up in that church […]

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Love. Teach. Empower

the kingdom of God is like the best teacher in the world, who could find a job anywhere, anytime, anyone – in fact could have been a doctor. But decides to teach the lower level classes. This teacher is an incredible teacher, who gets excited when their students go up a level and understand everything […]

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