…our desire for rock stardom.

The times  have watched someone skilled, talented and influential not only not see their own potential, but get oddly comfortable with lives empty of dreams are uncountable. But the only thing holding us back from our ideas changing our world is usually just us. The reason we don’t become rock stars is because we never played […]

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Radical repentance.

Radical repentance looks like this. Stopping dead in your tracks and letting conviction flood deeply through all you are. Anguish takes a hold of your rebellion and turns any pride into humility, as we stare directly into Gods holiness. Then we open our hearts ears and our physical mouths and confess bluntly and completely. Not […]

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The blue print the map

Every good house has a blueprint. Before the builders even begin. A solid, determined shape is planned. As the house is built, problems arise and the master builder must improvise and rewrite the plans. But, if he’s a good builder, the  will end up being just as solid as planned. The builder needs a blueprint, skills, leadership and […]

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