Journey. Risk. French Toast.

I am constantly surprised by what people settle with. Friendships that silently rip our identity and self respect to shreds. Romance that oppresses and changes us into people we never wanted to be. Schedules that eat our souls. Jobs that are uninspiring prisons. Mortgages that hold us back from adventure. Children we regret having, parents […]

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Worship as a lifestyle.

Ok so lets take a knight in a kings court. Now this man has most definitely trained most of his life to be good with a sword, a horse, a fist, most probably he is quite good at drinking and wooing and farting and all those other manly exploits that gets you respect. But also […]

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God learns.

The man sitting next to me has been an integral part of my life for three years. He is beautiful, strong, gentle, passionate, convicted and intelligent. I have never seen him get violent outside of wrestling his larger brother. I have never seen him raise his voice. But if he stood up in that church […]

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When death ceases to sting.

5 year olds aren’t tyrannical or home invaders. But I guess the bullets would’ve made someone quite a profit…. We almost expect it. Rape, school shootings, the homeless, corrupt nation leaders and constitutions that screw the people over. As if we can’t change anything. We can’t protect our buildings from planes, our children from crazy […]

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I love Germans

A simple dinner conversation explained everything. iPhone presents. For the last four years I have been living, working and leading Europeans and clashing with them at every turn. They don’t find me funny, I find them opinionated and aggressive, beautiful and powerful but very uncomfortable to be around. I knew it had something to do […]

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Daily Bread.

  I woke up, jumped out of bed and was just about to go do my usual: Honey a peanut butter toast with coffee whilst reading a book. AND God was almost like “Nope, I need to you to read this other book… in fact, just turn to page 37” It was not a book i […]

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