Sent. Prepare. Proclaim.

Jesus was sent by the father. He was prepared. He would then prepare the listener – healing, exorcism, providing food. Then he would proclaim the good news. “If you want change. If you crave a better life. Do it. Change. Turn around. Be different. And believe that I exist. Because as I showed you, I have […]

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We are not for the church.

The idea that the God of this world. The creator of mountains and oceans and pine trees and all the freaky critters that David Attenborough narrates in those amazing documentaries. The inventor of lightening and wind and fire. The poet that strung together hearts with emotion and passion. The idea that the eternal invisible maker […]

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We are no Jesters

Do you ever feel like you’re a court jester in the throne room of God? Like He doesn’t really like you. He just has you jumping through hoops to laugh at you? And it’s not just Him. His ENTIRE KINGDOM comes to just watch you tumble and fall and hurt yourself. You just keep failing and failing, […]

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We are the same.

We struggle with the same things. We enjoy the same things. We laugh at the same things. We get offended by the same things. We are beautiful and enjoyable to be around in the same ways. After 12 different countries it has finally dawned on me, humans are all the same. We are unique in […]

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