Good News and Grace from a Big ol Jerk

Blank. Like when a child paints a piece of paper with all of the colours it turns black. This is my mind. A million colours attempting to paint and ending with a big pile of… blank busyness. So take one of the colours. – GRACE. God created man, man destroys the intimate relationship for millennia, so […]

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God’s open room.

In the beginning of time God created little doors. They had the choice to be opened or closed. But if they decided to be closed then nothing could come in or go out. Currently I live in a room in Sweden that sometimes smells so strange. We have had three dudes living in here, and sometimes […]

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Simple wrath

  God, is incredibly simple and straight forward. IF you do things that please me (I.E live life the way we are designed to live it. Life in abundance. Filled with love and blessing) THEN you will live great lives and have nothing to fear because I am good. IF you do things that make me sad […]

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Our definitions are dumb.

I have read some pretty stupid stuff in the last hour. And it seems to mainly have to do with how we define certain words. I have read radically differing definitions of the following words from multiple representatives of many different groups: Love – Apparently it is either being nice to people, or not being nice to […]

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Size Matters

We live in a society that is obsessed with the concept of – if its bigger its better. We see this in our food serving sizes, our cars, our houses, our sexual organs, our corporations, our clubs, our muscles, our etc etc etc and even our churches. If we have 3000 people and 5 different […]

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Inter Praise.

The Kingdom of God is like a boat that doesn’t sail. On the boat are 100 people, all from different nations and cultures. Speaking different languages, wearing different clothes. But singing the same song. Praying the same prayers. Loving and serving We went on outreach to Kyiv, Ukraine. And were told that the base […]

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