Play dough and identity.

Taking a sip of an amazing coffee I sit inside a cafe on the edges of the kingdom of God. This place has captured my heart through its innate friendliness and the ease of laughter. Never before had i heard of ‘hot nutri grain’ being a breakfast cereal. Never before had i heard ‘shame’ being […]

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We already live in hell.

Earth isn’t some in between place, some purgatory – white walled waiting rooms, filled with friends and family, not sure about where the door goes. Earth is a place of choice and power. Earth is a battlefield. Earth was a paradise that we have decided with every choice we choose to construct a life or […]

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Solid Security – The hierarchy of Worth

Some of the fruits of insecurity are: living life apathetically, not really caring what happens – picking jobs that we hate, but dreaming that we couldn’t actually get one we like. Letting injustice happen unchecked, abusive marriages and parenting. Slavery, life-imprisoning substance addictions, sickness. divorce and destitution, bullying and ultimately suicide. The belief that we aren’t good […]

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